Welcome to our site!

Welcome, we would like to take a moment of your time to introduce some of the unique features found on our site. In addition to information regarding services and industries in which we specialize, we have added valuable information to assist you in financial and life planning.

Some of the valuable features we have added include seven monthly newsletters with topics ranging from tax and financial news to what's new in technology. You will also find over 25 financial calculators to assist you in your financing, retirement and investing decisions and a tax calendar to help you keep up to date with those important deadlines. Our portal will keep you informed of top news, let you check on the value of your favorite stock and even help you find that perfect recipe.

We hope you enjoy our new site and hope that you will join us as we set the pace in financial and business services.

Setting the pace!

The world of business has changed dramatically since Roberts, McKenzie, Mangan & Cummings first opened its doors. Our response to major technological, political and sociological developments, as well as our adherence to basic principles of business, have steered our firm and our clients through two decades of unprecedented change.

And RMMC has seen dramatic growth in direct response to our clients' needs.

Success in any business relies on the ability to foresee the impact of change and to respond appropriately. At RMMC, this ability is seen in our transformation from a traditional tax and audit provider to an accounting firm offering an array of contemporary services to both businesses and individuals.